Community can mean different things for people, but for the remote worker like myself, it is EVERYTHING. Imagine you’re a Video Editor, Recruiter or Fashion blogger working independently and you're working from home, distracted and lacking inspiration. Your surrounding becomes your engine, disengaging you or empowering you. For me, I've experienced the latter, through exposure to the true meaning of community at the innovative co-working space of WeWork!

Community can come in the form of security for those working solo, sense of belonging and feeling part of a larger circle rather than just representing your own brand. Co-working spaces not only provides a base, it's somewhere to share ideas and learn about different industries. At times yes, it feels as though I've gone back to college, but in the best way possible, meeting new people minus the lectures!

The power of community is greater for modern professionals who rank networking highly and flourish from engaging others. Everything I do centers around business development and growing connections, so no surprise that spend a lot of my time introducing myself and listening to others, bouncing off other people's energy, often so fascinated by their story.

Community to those who are already part of an organisation, can benefit greatly from partnering with other companies who offer a different service. A good example of this is through referrals, you might specialise in Social Media marketing and receive inbound requests for SEO services, therefore by partnering with someone from your community who is a SEO specialist, you’re far more attractive to your customers and instantly have exposure to a larger market.

Facebook, Google and Indeed have made it impossible for other companies to compete with their endless freebies, so co working spaces are now more attractive than ever. Not only is there regular complimentary breakfast and daily free barista coffee, there are weekly Events, covering all interests, which brings the building together. Their creative and community spirit knows no bounds!

Overall, the power of community, far outweighs the power of the modern professional, as you can only grow as a person through engaging, collaborating or learning from others. Want to join a world that encourages various professionals to co-exist?? If so, happy to share further information on the life of a 'hot desker'!