As that slower summer feeling truly starts to kick in, it can be easy to be less active in your job search. Things like after work drinks in rooftop bars, holidays and weekends spent at the beach take priority and the thought of job searching seems less appealing. 

But are you missing out on one of the best times to find your new role? 

With other job seekers away on holiday or focusing less on their job search, the number of applications competing with yours may be less meaning you have a greater chance of getting that dream role. Those sunny summer days also put people in a good mood which means it is easier to keep in touch and build promising relationships with recruiters and potential employers.

Slower work over summer is also great for your job search for two reasons. One, with lower workloads the job poster will have more time to consider your application. Two, emptier schedules gives you a much better chance of fitting in your meeting or interview which would be rushed or not even possible in the busier months.

Keep one step ahead of those slowing down for summer by applying to our latest roles.