You've freshened up your CV; checked it 100 times for spelling and grammar mistakes; your cover letter is ready and you're full of optimism about finding your next amazing role.

Skip forward a few weeks, or months, and your enthusiasm has vanished. Instead it's been replaced with a feeling of hopelessness and mild desperation that the right job will ever come. Having taken a long, long time to find a job after moving to Hong Kong, I know this process well. 

Sometimes all you need to keep you motivated in your search is some confirmation of your efforts. It could be an email thanking you for your submission (even better if it's not simply an automated response); details on when you can expect to hear back or, best yet, a phone call to find out more about you and your experience.  Before landing a position at Aspire, I was a candidate of Aspire's both in the UK and in Hong Kong. I can honestly say, the process with Aspire was different from other recruitment companies I had applied to. A short while after submitting my CV I got a phone call. Yes, a real person phoned me to ask more about me, what I had done in previous jobs and to understand which next role is best for me! This communication didn't fade after the initial contact either. I was regularly kept informed about relevant positions for me and my progress. I never felt forgotten or like I had to constantly chase for updates.

When it comes to searching for jobs, it can take real resilience but there are things you can do to keep yourself motivated. Try volunteering to gain further skills for your dream job; pursue a hobby so all your time isn't focused on your job search; change up how you are applying - would a speculative application or reaching out via LinkedIn work better than responding to advertised roles?

It also really helps to work with a recruiter you trust to keep you updated and who you can rely on to put you forward for roles that are truly a good fit for you. Contact the Aspire team today and make the job search process a little easier for yourself.