You've updated your CV, met with a recruiter, your profile has been sent to selected employers and you've secured first round interviews for your ideal jobs. Hard work done? It's only the beginning! You need to look at the bigger picture and the long term goal of successfully shining and making it through to the next round!

It's time for research, not only on the company, but who you're meeting with and the role itself. Second nature to some, but plenty fail at this point of preparation. LinkedIn, google news and company websites are just some of the tools available, making information more accessible than ever and giving candidates that added advantage before they're in the hot seat. 

You've done your homework, so what could possibly go wrong?

A client of mine recently explained their frustration of meeting candidates from another agency, one was 90 mins late and one cursed during the interview! Safe to say they didn't make the cut!

Don't lie, don't be late, come across negative, quiz them about salary or dwell on previous bad experiences. The latter is frighteningly common, and a massive turn off for employers, so hold back on going on a rant!