VR, AR, I’m confused. It’s easy to get lost in tech jargon and hard to know the difference between such terms. Convinced I knew very little about this space, I was surprised to discover majority of us engage in Augmented Reality on a daily basis! Snapchat filters, impressively demonstrate AR through face swapping and puppy ears!

Virtual Reality, is simply the next best thing to being there and the closest you will come to igniting your imagination. Universal in Japan, takes VR to a new level with their immersive technology transporting you to Hogwarts on a broomstick and flying through the NYC sky with Spiderman!

Now that we can differentiate the daily consumer uses for AR/VR, why is there a demand in the Digital Marketing world? It simply offers a new form of interaction, giving brands an opportunity to enhance the user’s experience and be ahead of the curve. Smart production houses such as Shadow Factory, are fast becoming more equipped with resources and innovative talent to dominate this space.

Embrace it or resist it, digital disruptive technology is set to shape our future!