'Content'.... today, a word that is used so frequently and encompasses so much. It is a word I have grown to love over the past 3 years of recruiting into this specialism.

John Long's opinion on content, whilst interesting and certainly strong, is not something I agree with. I believe that it is not 'vague' as he describes, but it is instead varied, casting a wide net on what can be considered as content.

The definition I consider of content is more focused on expression; expression of speech, of art and of course, of writing. This can be expressed through so many mediums and rather than being upset about the changing media industry, we should be excited. 

The media landscape is changing all the time and we need to keep up with this pace. Video and social media are booming and it is an exciting time. 

However, I do believe there is a huge difference between good and poor content; good content moves a person, the words are meaningful and thought out. On the other hand, poor content, such as the utter rubbish that can be posted on social media or journalism sites, is giving content a bad name. For my clients, I need to differentiate between good and bad content, an interesting challenge that I undergo every day!