Everyone enjoys a bit of praise, and in the workplace it's vital to feel valued in order to perform and feel committed to your company. If you're overdue a promised promotion and feeling underwhelmed, it's natural to begin the search and finally find a role that offers what you've been deprived of. 

So why do people put time and effort into hunting and applying for their dream job, to then accept a counter offer?!

The issues that were there before don't evaporate overnight and the likelihood of you receiving the appreciation you deserve on a long term basis is slim to none. Also consider the impact of remaining in a role, where you made it clear you want to leave, this will consequently affect how you are perceived in the company. 

You must return to the reason you wanted to leave in the first place, re-evaluate the sincerity of the counter offer, money isn't everything! The intangible emotive factors should outweigh the tangible ones. Ask yourself what is it that gets you out of bed in the morning, is it an increase in your monthly wage or that feeling of fulfilment and recognition? If you're still not convinced, thanks to this article, I discovered that 80% of employees who accept a counter offer leave within 6 months anyway!