How do Sales professionals become more attractive to employers? It's a question I ask myself daily, to help mentor my candidates on maximising their potential in the hunt for a new Sales role. Does it come down to resume content, interview skills OR their overall attitude? Arguably it's a combination of all three, but the latter is what makes you different. To stand out from the rest, you need to show more than just the typical requirements of the job description, be articulate, be unique and most of all be memorable. 

Sales tasks can be taught, whereas the 'hunter mentality' is a trait at the core of your personality and drive. Energy, motivation and optimism are additional signs of a 'Hunter' that naturally develops solid sales ability, in other words,  ability to influence others easily. Persuasion comes second nature with personality. 

If you want to become a quality Sales professional, ask yourself does your resume reflect your representation? Anyone can say they're 'passionate, positive, proactive', but it's up to you to prove it at every interview opportunity and yes that includes meeting with recruiters. We are the gateway to your new job, so don't just preach your resume, give us an insight into something we don't know!