I was startled when I read this article with some of the worst behaviours of newcomers in Hong Kong, including:

  • Showing up late for work in the morning and after lunch, but leaving the office sharply on time every day. 
  • Pretend to be working while napping, or spending half of their working hours playing with their phone
  • Spend an hour to write a few sentences that do not make any sense

This list can go on. 

And my question is: Why Do You Stay In A Job That You Hate? Why Do You Give Up On A Good Life?

Is it just about security? Is it because you think nobody cares about your work? Or could it be that you don't know the meaning of work? 

Whatever it is, it needs to stop and change. 

Call me a dreamer, but work isn't just a job. It's a life-long pursue to find out what you are made of; what you are capable of. You don't owe anyone, but yourself, an explanation. 

If you are a pessimist, like many in the Hong Kong job market, I can tell you, that even in a competitive environment like Hong Kong, there is a job out there that will make your heart sing and can also pay the bills. 

Do not give up on living a good life, with a job you love! Figure out what is important to you, not to your girlfriend or husband, family, aunties, your high school friends, and keep pursuing it like a cat after a laser pointer. 

If you are unhappy at work, or are doing any of these things during work hours, pause. Think. Ask yourself: Do I deserve something better? 

And if the answer is yes, it's time to find out what the first step of happiness tastes like. 

If we can be of any help in your journey, it would be our pleasure. So reach out to any of our consultants!