A recent study published by Buzzsumo found that brands and publishers had been experiencing a drop over 20% with Facebook posts engagement. 

Having analysed 880 million Facebook posts, the industry expert suggested two plausible reasons for this decline. 

1. Brands and Publishers are spending less on promotion, and hence resulting in less exposure. 

2. Facebook's now officially gearing towards "pay-to-play". Paid promotion is being favoured to gain traction, while organic reach has declined significantly.

Our Aspire Hong Kong Page and Aspire Singapore Page have also experienced this bizarre fluctuation in recent months; there has been a sudden drop in organic reach and engagement starting from June, but as we keep up with publishing some original content, and adding keywords onto our images, our performance seemed to have improved again, although not to the level where it was before. 

And we're not alone in this - the debate at the bottom of the article also shows that many B2B and B2C SMEs have experienced the same problems. 

Shared links suffer the most from lack of engagement, but videos, on the other hand, are still strong! 

So if you're looking to keep up with reaching out to and engaging with your audience, start considering video content! 

Are you also experiencing this problem and what other tricks have you been implementing to tackle this? We'd love to hear your feedback!