Martech, or marketing technology, has become a common practice for many digital businesses in Europe and North American. However, Vincent Leung, Digital Communications and Marketing Manager of BNP Paribas, has argued in this recent article, that its adaptation in Asia is surprisingly low. 

“As a digital marketer, it is often surprising that many in-house marketers in the region are unaware of the benefits that Martech can bring, or how to utilise them to enhance business processes,” he wrote. 

As recruitment specialists in all things digital, we have definitely seen a shortage of talents in the digital marketing scene in Hong Kong.  This, however, presents a golden opportunity for international digital marketing professionals to shake up and truly be a part of this rising Fintech and Insurtech hub. 

If you have had experience with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, SEO, Analytics, CMS or Marketing Automation, you will find yourself with ample opportunities to work with many game-changers in exciting industries in Hong Kong and Greater China. 

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