"Twitter eyes maturing APAC Data Scene with Interest". Doesn't this title make all Twitter-lovers' hearts leap with excitement for a bit?

I admit it - I really want to root for Twitter. There is no denying of this micro-blogging platform and its significance in all aspects of our lives: from politics and sports, to the global "this-dress-is-blue-or-white" debate to the "let's-all-watch-this-puddle-live" spectacle. 

From what Twitter's APAC head of Twitter Data Ben Truscello said in his latest CampaignAsia Interview, we see another example of Twitter's ambition and innovative thinking: deep data-driven analyses. Like Hashtags and Periscope (live videos), Twitter has great visions and ideas to be at the forefront of digital communication. But the execution never fully reflected the scale of their dreams. When you hear live-streaming, you think about Facebook Live and not Periscope. For professional insights, we go straight to LinkedIn. When was the last time you posted a picture on Twitter or participated in a real conversation (not just shouting at others' tweets) on that platform?

Jack Dorsey made sure the whole world knows that Twitter wanted to be the world's "global chatroom". And I want Twitter to succeed, so here are my 3 suggestions to you, Twitter:

1. Take my emotions and my language into account?

Dear Twitter, this is my biggest worry for you! You plan to flex your muscles in the APAC area, but just North Asia alone consists of more than 20 languages/dialects. You need to better detect the mood in our words if you want to sell. Are you ready to take up this mammoth of a challenge, all the way until the very end?

2. Make me feel like you care about me?

Dear Twitter, why do I never feel that my experience is personalised? Now you want to use data to improve what you can sell to us. But before doing that, can you let me feel that my Twitter space is part of my digital home and that you take into account the actions I make there. Suggest creatively how I can expand my digital realm. 

3. Manage the noise for me?

Dear Twitter, it's so noisy and suffocating sometimes in this global chatroom. I like what you did last year: now I see "What I've missed" while I was gone, from brands I truly care about. Can we have more of those genius ideas, please?

I hope and wish for the next success of this current social-media underdog. I strongly believe and hope that Twitter can teach us how to converse and how to listen, so we can make the world a truly global chatroom.