Will AI replace human and do a better job at recruitment? Well, we hope so... in about 150 years because we are looking forward to lying on that fluffy electronic armchair that follows us everywhere we want, like in the movie Wall-E

But right now, we humans are still champions at doing a human's job - matching the right candidates with the right jobs by engaging them on a personal level. 

I am very sure of it - machines generate better data analysis and humans will always be biased. But aren't we happy about that "bias" - or the years of experience and empathy - that sets us apart?

We are biased when we hear the story of a candidate struggling to understand a foreign market after relocation. We want to help!

That's why we don't simply provide a "suggested keyword", but spend time on the phone and in personal meetings with them to go through this journey with them. 

We are biased when a candidate truly wants to change his/her profession completely and is prepared to start from scratch. Instead of telling them: "Computer says no", we discover their strengths and provide them with tips on how to embark on this new, important adventure of theirs. 

Like anyone, recruiters can complain about "computers and robots taking over our jobs". But ambitious and responsible recruiters know how to use technology as our advantage, to outsource computer work to computers and focus on providing a one-of-a-kind and increasingly rare human experience to people, who have feelings, ambitions and the desire to lead fulfilling lives.