Whilst you may think that it is better to leave the job hunt until after Chinese New Year, evidence shows that now is actually the best time to look for jobs!

If you think about it, so many people will have this attitude and won't be looking; reducing the amount of CV's that companies are receiving. However, many companies are desperate to get people into roles as soon as possible, Christmas is a slow period for recruitment with people on holidays and now that they are back, they are urgent to get back into it. 

It is definitely worthwhile persisting and getting in touch with contacts and utilising this time to your benefit; instead of sitting back and relaxing (we did have the whole Christmas and New Year break to do that anyway!)

'New year, New me'; whilst said a lot and quite cliche, there is good meaning behind these words. 2017 could be your year to find your dream job and now is your chance to make that happen!