We've noticed big changes over the past year with social media platforms; instant articles on Facebook, Snapchat discover and Pinterest setting up a similar feature, meaning that users don't have to click away from the platform as these sites/apps host content directly. This makes it tougher for other content and news providers to drive as much traffic on their sites.

As ever, Facebook is the strongest force and multiple different features that have been introduced and that are going to be introduced will mean that users may never have to leave Facebook again. Currently, facebook users can view videos, read news and shop as though on Craigslist. They are also introducing a feature that allows users to buy tickets for events, order food, get a quote or request an appointment; without ever having to click out of Facebook.Snapchat and Pinterest are also heading in a similar direction, re-shaping their platforms to allow new types of content on their apps, although less broad than Facebook.

It is very interesting to see how excellent social media platforms are at content marketing but how long will they dominate the market for?