Very interestingly, a survey has been conducted that confirms that Hong Kong hasn't grasped online shopping in the same way as China, or many other countries for that matter. It appears the preferred way of shopping for Hong-Kongers is in-store, for a number of reasons.

Whilst some consumers do use eCommerce platforms, others feel that the experience of online shopping is not ideal as they are misled in some way by the products advertised, or not given enough information about what they are buying, preferring to see the items first. The delivery time is also much longer than in China, with the average being 3-7 days! This is understandable to some extent, it is nice to be able to see what you are buying and you will have it instantly when you by in-store but online shopping does add a huge convenience, along with more options. We wonder if Hong Kong will catch up with China? Alibaba have certainly made their mark in China but the slow delivery times are just not good enough for Hong Kong consumers! Perhaps the courier services need to up their game!